Sea glass hunting at Eagle Rock, Bedford, Nova Scotia

We did the quick hike to Eagle Rock at Admiral's Cove in Bedford, a lovely way to spend an evening. For the first time, we scrambled down Eagle Rock at the summit of the hike, to check out the tiny rocky beach at the bottom. 

Jackpot! There was lots of glass in beautiful colours, and even a few pottery pieces. 

Sea glass collecting in nova scotia

And this little guy.

beach combing in nova scotia

This is how the cool kids spend their Saturday nights, hiking in the woods, collecting sea glass and taking pictures of crabs. Eat your hearts out, partiers.

eagle rock bedford nova scotia

If you'd like to do the hike, Scotia Sites has more information and a map here .

And maybe don't go at sunset. Its beautiful but then you have to find your way out in semi-darkness. Not our best plan. But it was worth it.